Antitrust and Competition Compliance

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At Kimberly-Clark, we treat customers and suppliers fairly and are accountable for free and fair competition. We are committed to:

  • Competing on the basis of price and quality of our own products and do not suggest or engage in any actions, understandings, or agreements that could harm competitors, customers, suppliers, or consumers
  • Not taking advantage of our market position through restricting how, where, when, what, or to whom our customers or suppliers can sell; conditioning the sale of Kimberly-Clark products on the purchase of others;
  • Implementing pricing or sales strategies that treat customers fairly or not limiting customer or supplier choices or ability to compete
  • Avoiding contacts and discussions with competitors that could create the appearance of impropriety, and if we come across these situations, promptly and noticeably ending them
  • Using only information to which Kimberly-Clark is entitled

In addition, all Kimberly-Clark suppliers are expected to compete fairly and to avoid actions intended to influence or obtain an improper advantage.

For more information on Kimberly-Clark’s policies, visit the Kimberly-Clark Code of Conduct which is posted on our external website and can be shared freely with suppliers and others.